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No Need to Beware The Ides of March – TotalSnap Now Supports Up to Five Content Pages and Other Exciting New Features

There are amazing new features added to TotalSnap for March.

  • TotalSnap pages now supports up to five content page. This is in addition to the image gallery, contact page, and shopping cart that already exist within TotalSnap.
  • Users of TotalSnap can now add their business name in the TotalSnap configuration. The business name will be used for locating the correct pin on their Google map.
  • The contact form is now optional should users of TotalSnap not wish to receive email from visitors to their site.
  • Content can be assigned to display on the TotalSnap website, the mobile version, Facebook, or any combination of. Users can craft their content to match the platform it is being served on.

We have more features coming to TotalSanp next month, so please check back!