Why Choose TotalSnap?

eCommerce, Facebook custom pages, landing pages, mobile phone websites

TotalSnap online marketing and eCommerce tools are designed around three simple notions...

Make sure people can:

  • Find my business.
  • Contact my business.
  • Purchase my products and services.
The trouble is that marketing a business proactively online is typically time consuming, expensive and very complicated. TotalSnap was designed to solve all of these problems and leverage your business online literally in minutes. TotalSnap is an intuitive online marketing solution with one goal in mind; ensure you can build it and make changes quickly and easily!

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Q:How can TotalSnap benefit my business?

TotalSnap online marketing tools are a user friendly and affordable solution that can be easily deployed to expand your business's online presence. Enable your customers to interact with your business however they choose to go online by providing: a custom landing page and micro-website with social media and Google Maps integration; a custom Facebook business page with eCommerce shopping cart, and a mobile phone friendly website with eCommerce shopping cart. Plus TotalSnap includes additional features like a mobile credit card processing iPhone app, custom domain name and email addresses, and a full feature hosting account.

Q:Why should my businesses have an online presence?

The web has replaced the phone book and people are more likely to send an email than pick up the phone. People not only expect to find you on the web; but also expect to be able to email you, find your location and view your products, interact with your company and purchase your products and services. All with a few mouse clicks!

Q:Can my business afford to market online?

TotalSnap costs less per year than the average full colour newspaper ad; the real questions is can you afford not to! TotalSnap comes with absolutely everything a business needs to start marketing online. It is user friendly and requires no specialized knowledge to deploy and maintain. TotalSnap is the affordable solution to marketing your business online; whether your just getting started or if you already have a website.

Q:What if my business does not have a website?

TotalSnap is an affordable starting point that is user friendly to set up and edit. The micro-website feature is perfect for a small website and includes all of the features like custom email, full hosting account, and social media marketing tools.

Q:What if my business already has a website?

TotalSnap is a full feature website hosting solution and can reduce your cost by hosting your existing website using your TotalSnap account. You can also increase your online presence with powerful marketing tools for a mobile friendly website and custom Facebook business page, and feature a rich eCommerce solution.

Q:How user friendly is TotalSnap?

Built on the "keep it simple" rule, TotalSnap is the fastest way to get a website and custom Facebook page up and running. It comes with everything you need to get going, easy to use editing like visual color tools that give you instant feedback on screen and tools for adding advanced functions like embedding videos. This means you can rapidly deploy your online marketing campaign with minimal learning curve and time requirements.

Q:How can TotalSnap help with an eCommerce solution?

Whether you have a website or not, TotalSnap Premium Hosting includes a "Turn Key" shopping cart for Facebook, mobile phones, and your TotalSnap Micro-website. In addition, you will be able to use the Beanstream iPhone compatible credit card processing tools that work for processing "on the go" via the cellular network.

Q:Why is TotalSnap Real People Support important?

"Real People" support is important because it ensures that you have a real person that you can call for help. You will get a member of the TotalSnap team; not a call center, not an answering service, but someone who is knowledgeable on the TotalSnap software tools. This means that your support requests are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

What our users say...

Thanks you guys. I knew I needed a website for the bakery but with changing it to a gluten free bakery my time and money were being focused there. Your Total Snap website sure was a great solution.

I just had to tell you I was so excited when a customer came in the other day after I got it saying she found us on Google. Someone said we had great Google juice. That map thing sure works well.

We are constantly changing specials and adding new products. It is nice that it’s so easy to make changes, myself. You made getting and using a website easy.

I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to go on line. Our business has grown so much with people finding us and seeing what we offer.

Love it, thanks again!

Dharma Sheherazade, Blue Jewel Bakery