Beanstream - Partner Profile

  • Simplicity where wanted
  • Sophistication where required
  • Exceptional systems
  • Exceptional support
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Over the past decade, Beanstream has become the payment solution provider of choice for thousands of merchants across North America including many of the continent's leading enterprises. Our extensive industry experience coupled with our deep understanding of the complex technology that drives payment solutions allows us to focus on the issues that matter most to the success of businesses and organizations: seamless system designs, iron clad security and service integrity. The entire Beanstream team is dedicated to helping merchants achieve their maximum potential; whether it’s through developing robust, cutting-edge payment technology or by providing each and every merchant the individual attention and quality, consultative support needed to help our clients realize their business vision and build a revenue stream that can support growth over the long-term.

Empowering Merchants Through Flexible Services and Unparalleled Range of Choice Beanstream recognizes that each business and organization has its own set of unique requirements. It’s why we’ve crafted one of the most extensive lines of quality, electronic payment solutions available. Our goal is to ensure we can support the widest range of clients through a comprehensive product suite that offers merchants multiple secure processing options no matter what their business model. Our international gateway supports up to 150 currencies and includes everything from hosted shopping carts, to event registration software, advanced billing management products, credit card tokenization solutions and robust APIs for custom payment management integrations. With Beanstream, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all.

Quickstart eCommerce
  • Template based, hosted forms
  • Hosted shopping carts
  • Hundreds of 3rd party integrations
Advanced eCommerce
  • Flexible, developer API
  • Custom hosted solutions
  • Credit card tokenization
PCI Assistance
  • Secure data capture and storage
  • SSL protected hosting
  • Secure customer profiles
Payment Enablement
  • Credit card merchant services
  • INTERAC® Online processing
  • Bank payments/ACH
Authentication Services
  • Advanced address verification
  • Customer profiling and scoring
  • “Out-of-wallet” identity verification
Risk Management
  • Transaction and IP filtering
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Transaction analysis
Billing Management
  • Recurring Billing
  • Batch Processing
Mail/Phone Processing
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Customizable Virtual Terminal
Global Transaction Processing
  • Global ePricing merchant services
  • 150 currency gateway
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Moving Beyond the Basic Standards

Beanstream develops all of our systems in-house to ensure that we have the flexibility to respond quickly to the changing payment environment. Our development team, made up of a combination of seasoned industry specialists and innovative new talent, has a 10-year record delivering:
  • Efficient, reliable system designs
  • Over 99% system uptime
  • Regular product enhancements through flexible development cycles
  • Immediate issues resolution through knowledgeable, on-site staff
As a credit card gateway, we adhere to the strict standards set by the Payment Card Industry for maintaining data security and monitoring systems and procedures. But like everything we do, we are committed to reaching beyond the basic industry standards. Beanstream is vigilant about monitoring our systems; running four times the required network and intrusion detection scans to ensure that our data and our clients’ data stay protected. Our systems are also capable of tripling transaction volume on existing infrastructure meaning we are able to consistently support our clients now and years into the future. In addition, as a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: LMLP), we adhere to strict additional internal financial controls and processes which not only protect shareholders, but merchants as well. Beanstream understands that every client’s time is precious. By focusing on robust designs, simple interfaces and consistent performance, Beanstream makes sure our merchants don’t have to spend unnecessary hours on the phone or online searching for answers. But when those issues do arise, Beanstream has the resources in place to ensure that you get the answers you need, when you need them. To achieve our goal of providing the best customer support in the industry we provide all clients access to:
  • Live phone support 7 days a week throughout the year plus access to a 24-hour emergency line
  • Support offices staffed with thoroughly trained, knowledgeable representatives, and managed onsite in the US and Canada
  • Bilingual English/French representatives available to support our Canadian clients
  • Dedicated technical support specialists that are thoroughly trained in our custom systems
  • Detailed online support resources with step-by-step self-help user instructions
  • Single point of contact relationship managers for high volume accounts
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