Hosting Nation started with a simple mission with TotalSnap: make building and designing your own website easy. People wanted tools to take advantage of Social Media, they wanted something affordable, and user friendly to implement and manage. At Hosting Nation; making the web simple again is what we do best.

Online experiences shouldn’t be an exercise in frustration... Period!

Total Snap was built to be intuitive to use and customize. Further, we wanted to create a starting point for people to try different types of online marketing like: custom Facebook pages, using twitter, email newsletters, and mobile phone supported websites to help them determine the value they have to their business before they invest thousands of dollars. It’s all part of the Hosting Nation ‘DeGeek the Web’ phenomenon...

The first rule of DeGeeking:
Build it so people already know how to use it. This keeps learning curves to a minimum. It’s common sense, really. If a tool is usable right from the beginning, it keeps you productive. You can achieve something from your first attempt.

The second rule of DeGeeking:
Build it so people can get things done with it. Mysterious tools don’t do anyone any good. Understandable tools keep things moving.

The third rule of DeGeeking:
It goes without saying, when you have to explain it so people can understand it. Sometimes instructions are unavoidable. When people can’t intuit how to use something, the information has to be available.

What TotalSnap users have to say...

The team at Hosting Nation continue to be exceptional Partners in their responses, development, market knowledge as well as their incredible creativity.

With Total Snap, our team at Beanstream was pleasantly surprised to find out that our basic shopping cart had been seamlessly integrated to Facebook along with our Hosted Payment Page. This was a very short development cycle and the quality of the work was itself exceptional.

Beanstream had been looking for a Partner who could provide SMB hosting along with offering a packaged solution for our smaller merchants in order to complete our planned vision of a Partner ecosystem. Hosting Nation provided the means with the Total Snap application.

It has been my pleasure to have worked with Hosting Nation on bringing this application to market with Beanstream as the processing engine behind the scenes. I would recommend Hosting Nation as a Partner to any provider in the world as a Partner who is ready to go above and beyond in order to provide a proper solution to customers looking to offer ecommerce processing as well as website hosting.

David Hendricks - Director of Business Development, Beanstream