How can I benefit by being a TotalSnap Partner?

TotalSnap Premium Hosting and marketing tools are built to be intuitive to use and customize; TotalSnap can help your clients maximize the value of their existing website. Give your clients an affordable starting point to try different types of online marketing like: custom Facebook pages, e-commerce tools for Facebook and Mobile Phones, targeted micro-websites, social media integration, and mobile phone friendly websites. Help them to realize the value in investing in online marketing. Our goal is to provide an industry leading hosting solution to help our partners add value to service offering and grow their businesses.

Top 10 Reasons to Join the Partner Program

The partner program is a solution for web professionals who want to manage their clients and provide hosting, but don't want to manage services like renewals, notifications or support. Here are the top 10 reasons you want to choose the TotalSnap Partner Program over a traditional reseller account or other standard hosting solutions.

  • Your own hosting account is completely free
  • You never lose a day of hosting. Each of your clients will receive a credit for whatever time remains on their current hosting plan up to one year of free hosting.
  • You would prefer to have the billing handled for you
  • You want turnkey online marketing tools for your clients
  • You want Real People Support for you and your clients
  • You want easy access to applications, frameworks and libraries to enable fast and easy development without the hassle of installing them.
  • You want fast, secure servers for designing, developing and deploying media rich websites
  • You want to be connected with other design, development, programming, new media and marketing professionals.
  • You want a solution that scales infinitely. It doesn't matter if you have 3 or 30 clients, you never have to manage disk space or bandwidth and you never have to upgrade your account.
  • You want a full time system administrator working to improve performance and security, prevent hack attempts and advise you on security for your client’s sites.