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Make expanding your business presence online more powerful; the simple and fast way with TotalSnap.

People just like you have TotalSnap marketing tools working for them... It's a quick and affordable ecommerce and marketing solution for mobile phones, Facebook and landing page websites. No specialized knowledge is required; TotalSnap is user friendly and includes "Real People" Support. It only takes a few minutes, start to finish, to make a streamlined and compelling business website, ecommerce shopping cart and custom Facebook business page. Don't believe us? Try the demo and see for yourself. Follow these easy steps below and you'll be up and running in minutes.

Get Started Today in 5 Easy Steps:

Step One - Launch your TotalSnap Marketing Tools. (click to open)

  • Name Your Website: Pick a unique domain name for your TotalSnap website that represents your business. It can be anything you want: or even a made up word (like Google). Click here to search for your domain name.Tip: If the domain name you want is taken, you can try putting a dash in-between words (
  • Launch your TotalSnap Website Solution: Sign up for TotalSnap online marketing tools by clicking the buy now button. Within minutes you'll be sent your username and password via email  with your log in information for TotalSnap. You can start customizing your website right away.Tip:You can display a maintenance message when working on your TotalSnap by checking off the site offline box.
  • Gather Your Content:Collect information about your business and products/services, pictures and company logo that you would like to use for your TotalSnap website. You should also gather your links to your Facebook page and any other Social Media sites that you would like to link to. Once you have gathered your content, you can have your TotalSnap launched in minutes!Tip: Create your text based content and edit it for spelling and grammer using a word processor like OpenOffice or Microsoft Word.

Step Two - Setup your Metadata and Navigation. (click to open)

  • Enter your website's Page Titles: Log in to your TotalSnap website using the user name and password that was provided to you in Step 1. ( Type in the titles you would like for your website pages; this will be the title that the search engines see and it will appear on the browser tab. Tip: Example: Subject - your business name - Geographic location reference.
  • Enter your website's Meta Descriptions: Type your businesss name and a short description of your business using industry related words (Tourism: Tours, guided, boat tours) and your location (city, region, province/state). Tip: Write your meta description in plain english; it is displayed in search engine results to let the user know what your website is about.
  • Setup your website's Navigation: Enter your custom menu titles for each page on your website; the titles will appear on your navigation bar. You can also enter a "backlink" to an additional website for your business. Tip: Make sure that the menu titles you use for each page reflect the content of the page that it conects to. For example: the contact form could have a title of "Contact Us".
  • Add your Business Contact Information: Enter your business's address and contact information on the TotalSnap Editor. Enter a main email address that can be used by TotalSnap to send completed forms and surveys to. To protect you against SPAM your email address will not be visible to the public. Tip: We recommend setting up a specific email address to use for TotalSnap like and have the address forwarded to your main email account.
  • Add Google Analytics Tracking Code: If you already have a Google Analytics account; copy and paste your google tracking code into the Navigation and Meta Info tab on the TotalSnap editor. If you do not have a Google Analytics account; go to Google Analytics ( and sign up for your free website traffic tracking tools. Once your account is set up you can add the Google Analytics Tracking Code (Example: UA-27715873-1). Tip: We suggest you create a business Google account rather than using your personal account. You may want others to view or manage the analytics reports.

Step Three - Add your content to your TotalSnap pages. (click to open)

  • Configure your website's Colors: In your TotalSnap editor, click on Global Colors. Select the area (eg. header) you want to change. On the color wheel on the right, you can select a color. Tip: You can easily your business's existing brand colours by entering the hex colour codes directly in the TotalSnap editor.
  • Add your content:Click on the Content Tab and select which page you would like to add the content to. Start typing in your text or cut and paste from Microsoft Word using the "paste" from Microsoft word tool. You can also add pictures, links and videos using the icon buttons above the text box of our user friendly editor. Tip: Take the some time to layout your pages ahead of time. This will help you design your page and reduce the number of changes you make in the long run.
  • Add your Logo and Banner:Click on the Logo/Banner Tab. Select either logo or banner then click Browse to select the image file that you would like to use from your computer. You can also decide whether you would like to just show the banner or the logo using the check boxs on the Logo/Banner tab. Tip: You do not have to display both the banner and your logo, you can choose to only display one or both.
  • Upload your Images:You can place your images in a gallery, in page content or as a slide show for your banner section on each page. Choose Photo Gallery button, add categories with settings and then add photos to those categories. For a photo gallery, simply name the gallery and add the photos. It will appear as a menu item on your main page. Tip: Click on the view site button to see the photo slide show. It is not visible in editor.

Step Four - Deploy your Social Media tools (click to open)

  • Create a Social Media planWhat are your goals? To increase your mailing/fan list or to increase the "buzz" on a specific product or promotion? Create your plan with "SMART" (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) objectives. Tip:Click here for Best Practices Guides: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • Register with Google PlacesWhen you register with Google Places it increases your validity with Google and therefore improves your page ranking and visibility.
  • Setup Social Media widgets and links: Select Social Networking Tab, add links for your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn sites.
  • Install Facebook custom page application:Click on the icon "Add TotalSnap to Facebook" at the top of the page. Click on the TS icon on the left side of your Facebook page. Click on configure and enter the domain name of your TotalSnap site.
Tip: For more detailed steps, review our Facebook Configuration Guide.

Step Five - Launch your Ecommerce Solution (click to open)

  • Beanstream Application and Account Review:Complete the Beanstream application forms and supporting paperwork. Feel free to contact us for assistance.
  • Beanstream Terminal Setup:You will need to have a website ready with return/refund policy, product/service descriptions, and company contact info. Make sure to follow Beanstream's PCI Compliance instructions. When we have your terminal ready, we'll send you an email "Authorized to go Live".
  • Setup eCommerce in TotalSnap and Facebook:Login to your TotalSnap editor, click on the Content Tab and select Beanstream Shopping Cart from the dropdown menu. Enter merchant ID. Login to your Facebook business page and click on the TotalSnap Facebook Tab. Click on the Configure Tab and check box for display. Click save. Now customers can buy your product or service directly from Facebook.
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What our users say...

For more than 15 years I have made my living in the graphic design world and I must admit that I was a little sceptical at what the quality and ease of use Total Snap would be when I first heard about it. Upon actually trying the Demo, I was amazed at how easy and quick it was to build a very professional looking website. I am hooked.

Gerry Patenaude, Array Creative