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Adding eCommerce to your site has never been easier. Our partnership with Beanstream has removed the need for installing and configuring complicated shopping cart software. Together with Beanstream we have bundled everything you need to start selling your products both online and off in one fantastic package that includes:

Merchant Account

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With your own merchant account you'll have complete control over your payment processing and never have to worry about a third party interfering with your business or over charging you for transaction fees.

Online Shopping Cart

online shopping cart The Beanstream shopping cart plugs seamlessly into your TotalSnap microsite. Add your products and services, type your merchant id into your TotalSnap configuration and you are immediately selling online!

Facebook Shopping Cart

facebook shopping cart The same Beanstream shopping cart that works in your microsite also works on your Facebook business page. Leverage the full power of social media marketing by making your products and services directly accessable via Facebook.

Shopping Cart Management System

shopping cart management system Beanstream's shopping cart management system gives you everything you need to add products and categories, set your prices and upload product photos. Manage your store via Beanstream's secure management system with no extra setup required by you.

iPhone Credit Card Processing App

shopping cart management system Taking credit card payments at your place of business or on the road has never been easier. With Beanstream's iPhone application and their iPhone credit card reader attachment, you can take credit card payments anywhere that has a cellular signal.

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