Q:Why should my business have a Website?

Everyone agrees that any business needs to be online. The web has replaced the phone book and people are more likely to send an email than pick up the phone. People not only expect to find you on the web, but also expect to be able to email you, find your location and view your products, all with a few mouse clicks...If you aren’t on the web, people will go to businesses who are.

Q:Can you measure & track who is visiting my website?

Yes... TotalSnap has tools for tracking how your visitors are interacting with your website. TotalSnap uses Google Analytics to measure your traffic and provide you with comprehensive and customizable reports on demand regarding visitor interaction. Google Analytics is a flexible tool that can help you to measure your marketing efforts and determine your Return on Investment.

Q:How will my customers benefit from my website?

Customers can easily connect with your business from anywhere. More and more people are using the internet to find businesses and search for products and services. Having a website enables them to conveniently access important information about your business, like where your located and your phone number. Further, customers look to a business's website to interact with the business like purchase their products or services, contact the business using email, and easily share your business's information with family and friends.

TotalSnap Custom Website Solution

TotalSnap Website Solution With more and more customers searching the internet for information; a business website makes it easy for your customers to do business with you.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to use Interface - Increases your ability to manage your own website and online marketing. Enhances customer experience with  interactive social media and mobile phone friendly functions.
  • Contact Information Page - Provides you a secure, easy to use contact form to receive information from customers. Your customers can "Click" to call your business on mobile phones.
  • Location Page - Google map integration makes it easy to find your business and get step by step driving directions.
  • Products and Services Page - Supports ecommerce and can be used for remote credit card processing.
  • Photo Gallery Page - You can have multiple categories and photo descriptions that are easy to navigate.
  • Home Page - Completely customizable and supports embedded code widgets for advanced features.
  • Facebook and Twitter Integration - Allows customers to instantly share you business with friends and post testimonials.
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More Information:

For more than 15 years I have made my living in the graphic design world and I must admit that I was a little sceptical at what the quality and ease of use Total Snap would be when I first heard about it. Upon actually trying the Demo, I was amazed at how easy and quick it was to build a very professional looking website. I am hooked.

Gerry Patenaude, Array Creative