Q:Why do I need a mobile phone friendly website?

More and more people are using their mobile phones to browse online and access information about businesses while on the go. Having a mobile phone friendly website makes it easier for your customers to access key information about your business. Standard websites that are not mobile phone friendly are very difficult to navigate and key features might not be supported or viewable using a mobile phone.

Q:Can all mobile phones view flash based features on a website?

Not all mobile phones, like the iPhone, can view Flash based features; it is one of the biggest compatibility issues with browsing online with a mobile phone. If your business's website uses or has been created using flash; your customers may not be able to view your website using their mobile phone.

Q:How can customers benefit from a mobile phone friendly website?

Customers can easily connect with your business while they are on the go. A mobile phone website enables them to conveniently access important information about your business, like where your located and your phone number. Using a mobile phone to navigate a traditional website can be frustrating and makes trying to find information about your business difficult.

TotalSnap Mobile Phone Website

TotalSnap Mobile Phone Website Solution

With Millions of people using their mobile phones to browse the internet; more and more customers use their mobile phones to find out information about your business like your address, phone number, business hours, and product & service information. A mobile phone friendly website enables your customers to access your business's website on the go... Whether it's "one click" calling, driving directions to your business using Google Maps, or purchasing your products and services online, a mobile phone friendly website makes it easy for your customers to do business with you.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to use website - Mobile Phone friendly website, designed to enhance end users experience with interactive content.
  • Contact Information Page - User friendly, one "click" to call phone numbers plus, a email based contact form.
  • Business Location Page - Give your customers step by step driving directions, the Google map integration makes it easy to find your business.
  • Sell Products and Services - Make it easy for your customers to shop on the "go"; mobile phone friendly ecommerce solution.
  • Photo Gallery - Help your customers see what they are looking for with pictures; have multiple categories and photo descriptions that are easy to navigate.
  • Facebook and Twitter Integration  - Allows customers to instantly share you business with friends and post testimonials all from the convenience of their mobile phone.

More Information:

Thanks you guys. I knew I needed a website for the bakery but with changing it to a gluten free bakery my time and money were being focused there. Your Total Snap website sure was a great solution.

I just had to tell you I was so excited when a customer came in the other day after I got it saying she found us on Google. Someone said we had great Google juice. That map thing sure works well.

We are constantly changing specials and adding new products. It is nice that it’s so easy to make changes, myself. You made getting and using a website easy.

I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to go on line. Our business has grown so much with people finding us and seeing what we offer.

Love it, thanks again!

Dharma Sheherazade, Blue Jewel Bakery