Animated GIF Support for Logo and Banner

We had some folks that wanted to have a little action and movement in their logo and banner.  We responded by adding animated …


New Editor Features – iFrame and Paste from Word

We’ve upgraded the built in editor and added two new handy features. First there is the iFrame feature which allows external web content to …


Additional Font Controls Added

To date, contact information and sub headings have had a static font and size. We’ve added controls so that Total Snap users can control …


New Total Snap Editor Features

We’ve added some features and made some improvements to the Total Snap editor:

Improved edit tools control – the hide edit tools control is now more …


Updated Total Snap Page Design and Layout

Our latest update has seen some changes to the design and layout of the Total Snap page. It is now sleeker, leaner and has …


Photo Gallery Thumbnails Improved

After finding that certain images contained a somewhat “blocky” appearance after being re-sized we updated the resizing logic. Thumbs and full size images will …


Add Image Fade Effect and Rotation to Your Website

A feature often requested by website clients is the ability to take a set of images and have them fade in and out on the …


Additional Controls Added to Editor Toolbar

We’ve added additional formatting options to the editor toolbar. New features include:

Bulleted and numbered lists
Left, right and center justification
Horizonal Line
Special Character



Added Font Color and Highlight Options to the Editor Toolbar

We received several requests where folks wanted fine control over the color of specific text. We have heard their cries and added a font …


Photo Gallery is now Anchored

When changing categories in the photo gallery, some users found it awkward that the page reloaded at the top where the banner is located. …


New Feature – Full Control Over the Photo Gallery Link

By popular demand users can now change the text for the link to the photo gallery as well as control the color of the text.

To …


Improved Text Formatting and Photo Gallery Bug Fixed

As more users started using Total Snap we saw that many were adding far more content than we had anticipated. This content was confined …

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